A Skim coat plaster project in Queens New York

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A living room freshly skim coated with plaster

A living room freshly skim coated with plaster

After sanding and paint

After sanding and paint

The fireplace shot

The fireplace shot

The end result of the resurface with plaster (skim coat)

The end result of the resurface with plaster (skim coat)


Skim coating a ceiling after popcorn/texture removal

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Skim coating a ceiling after popcorn/texture removal

Putting on the first layer of plaster

A New York Painter Paints New York


I was born and raised in New York City and started to work as a house painter for my uncle when I was 16. and years later managed to get a job with another contractor. He taught me some basic prep and painting techniques which I still use today. I have learned a lot more in my 17+ years as a professional paint and plaster contractor.

I have lived in New York and Los Angeles and have painted in both cities.

With hundreds of paint and plaster jobs done here and in Los Angeles, I feel confident I can deliver a quality job for you.

Browse my Blog and let me know what you think. I can also travel to nearby New Jersey, Including Wheehawken, Union City, North Bergen and Guttenberg.

Jud @ 917-459-7253

A Skim Coat Plaster Job Before and After

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Here is an example of a job I did last year. I prepped the wall for applying the plaster and then after the plaster dried I sanded it down and rolled primer and paint. The baseboard moldings were taken out and replaced.

“Skim” just means a thin layer of something. (Think: Skim Milk) This is where one applies a thin layer of Joint Compound or plaster over the walls or ceilings to smooth out imperfections or ugly walls.

It is a “prep for painting” process.  Call me if you need this service done. Jud @ 917-459-7253

A room in Queens New York

The finished product

Painting The Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center NYC

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Here’s a job I did to patch and paint the training center of the Upright Citizens Brigade training center.  http://www.uprightcitizens.org. this one is located in Manhattan NYC. I patched walls that their students kicked in or bumped into while practicing their craft.

2 colors Accent Wall orange color

Here is an off white semi-gloss Benjamin Moore Paint for the hallways.

Benjamin Moore Semi Gloss.

The job came out nice. Clean and fresh for the new year. They get the place painted around the Christmas Break

I also work for Barter! See my News Article on this


Newspaper write up on me and my barter activities

Last Year (2009) I was contacted about my ads on the internet looking for people to barter with me. One of the items I trade is my painting services. The paper was called: AM/PM A daily free paper. If you are in the NYC or NJ area let me know if you are interested in a barter.

Am-Pm News Article Barter


Skim Coating a Small Kitchen With Plaster

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Here are examples of a tiny kitchen from a East Village apartment in New York City.
The walls were rough and had damage from a cabinet removal and years of use.

West Village Skim Coat

Tiny Kitchen Job

Behind the wall had a large hole that I patched with drywall scraps and top coat of plaster.

Behind the Fridge

Patch of a large hole in the wall

I use a high powered drill to mix the dry or pre-mix plaster with. The extension to the drill is called a “paddle” it is a tool used to mix plaster with. Either dry mix or Premixed Joint Compound

Using a High powered drill for mixing

Drill and powder mix-plaster

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