More Sponge and Rag Paint Jobs

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Here are some more techniques with glaze or paint that has been thinned with water. I use a cotton rag or a sea sponge to create certain textures and paint effects on any surface

Green Paint / Glaze Rag technique

Green Rag Technique with glaze


Skim Coating a Small Kitchen With Plaster

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Here are examples of a tiny kitchen from a East Village apartment in New York City.
The walls were rough and had damage from a cabinet removal and years of use.

West Village Skim Coat

Tiny Kitchen Job

Behind the wall had a large hole that I patched with drywall scraps and top coat of plaster.

Behind the Fridge

Patch of a large hole in the wall

I use a high powered drill to mix the dry or pre-mix plaster with. The extension to the drill is called a “paddle” it is a tool used to mix plaster with. Either dry mix or Premixed Joint Compound

Using a High powered drill for mixing

Drill and powder mix-plaster