Check out my new video on how to skim coat a wall with Joint Compound plaster

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Here is an example of what skim coat is. I use a drywall blade to apply joint compound  over an wall that has already been painted.  The idea is to smooth the walls and sand and prime then paint. This creates a new looking wall with no bumps, defects, unevenness and un-sightly walls. Call me @ Six 1 Five-Five 86-5400 or email me @ judthepainter at (@)


Skim Coat Job with The Producers Singing Nazi Eric Gunhus

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Skim Coat with Joint Compound Plaster

This was a job I did a few years back. I applied Joint Compound over the existing walls so that they would look smooth again after it dried and was sanded and painted.

The customer was the “Singing Nazi” for the play: the Producers.

The project took a few days and was in Manhattan, New York.

A plaster, skim coat job in New York City