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Color and trim paint examples. Ideas on how to paint

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One advanced technique on painting rooms is using color and white trim. Paint the wall space one color, usually dark, and a nice white color on the trim moldings.

Highlight the trim against a color

White ceiling and off white trim

A steady hand with the brush and a eye for contrast. White creates a exciting look instead of just one color

Stripping off old paint from wood

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Use a low toxic and “safe” paint stripper to remove old paint.
I recently used a few “green” products to take off stain from a wooden table. It worked ok, and did not harm my hands and hardly had any smell. I find this was fine for the small project I did

These are pictures of a “toxic” paint stripping project i did a few years back. Notice the several layers of paint coming off the older wood door frame.

Pain stripping project

what is sponge or rag painting??

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This is when a glaze or paint is used to create decorative paint techniques on walls or furniture.

Blue rag paint technique

What is Skim Coat Plaster??

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Skim Coat wall resurface

Skim Coat Plaster Pic

Skim Coat Plaster is a process of smoothing out surfaces with a light weight plaster or joint compound. Wavy, ugly and cracked walls can be repaired and resurfaced by hand using a trowel and pre-mixed or powder and water mix plaster.

Using Low odor and non-toxic paints

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Use less toxic paints. Save the environment!

“Back in the day” paint was actually mixed with pigment and lead and other ingredients to make a coating that would bond to the surface (s). Now days it is made with bonding agents a base of acrylic, alkyd, latex or certain other synthetic and organic ingredients and chemicals.

While a nice bold color or decent coverage is desired, a paint can emit harmful toxic fumes called: V.O.C’s or Volatile Organic Components.

Sometimes customers complain of headaches and nausea after being in a freshly painted room. I recommend using low or no toxic paints.  I use these low toxic paints as often as possible. If you are in the New York City area, give me a call, lets set up a time i can show you the wide range of “green” paints and building supplies.

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